Microelectronics Services


On customer site service


With the goal of using its expertise to solve specific problems, MU Electronics offers partners the possibility of calling on its technical staff for assistance, ranging from service on an occasional basis up to the provision of a complete team, ready to take charge of an entire project. Such service arrangements are particularly efficient when the project specifications cannot be completely defined in advance and allow maximum flexibility and a fast response time, which are vital factors for success in today’s environment.

The scope of our activities is extremely specific to the industry:

  • Analog or digital design
  • Analog full-custom layout
  • Circuit place-and-route
  • Verification, validation
  • FPGA implementation
  • Design flow maintenance and development
  • Prototype testing
  • Embedded Software developpement

Our experience has shown that when a customer project is planned for our design center, a pre-assignment of our experts to the customer’s site helps ensure a smooth project start-up and the best possible communication with the partner’s team.

Design center

MU Electronics can undertake all or part of a given project in its design center. Two options are available:

  • “Exclusive” teams:
    Some of our design teams are assigned solely to one particular customer for reasons of project confidentiality.
    With this option, our customers usually prefer to license the design tools themselves, in order to reduce costs.
  • “Open” teams:
    We can also provide non-exclusive design teams, who are able to offer a complete service (human resources, design tools {workstations, software}) to companies that ask us to work on part or all of their circuit designs.
    With this option, for small or medium volumes, we can also be responsible for follow-up on the various stages of manufacturing: co-ordination with the foundry, processing, casting, testing and production.
    Our design center is located in Rabat, Morocco.

Essential training role and ensuring continuity of experience: the strength of a company such as MU Electronics is in its ability to offer experienced and competent personnel to help solve customer problems.

Our design center provides an ideal educationnal ground for our experts to train younger staff in the microelectronics profession. These new technicians or engineers are then able to be responsible for projects in our design center or at a customer's site.

We encourage and assist our engineers to develop their competences, either through regular refresher courses (in collaboration with our customers or at our own initiative), or allowing them to follow courses of their choice.

Such company initiatives allow our experts to settle down geographically when they wish to.


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